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As an Accredited Professional Studio of the SGAA, our philosophy is to educate our clients as much as possible -- for this reason, we provide studio tours by appointment. We encourage them to visit our studio for an excellent educational experience that will help in managing a stained glass window project. Be sure to visit our Website: and take the Studio Tour. Also, with regards to stained glass window restoration, go to our Website Library and read our booklet on restoration (“STAINED GLASS RESTORATION: The Necessary Facts”). It answers many of the frequently asked questions about Stained Glass Restoration.

Our Studio is a modern well-equipped 15,000 square foot facility with controlled environments for disassembly, cleaning, glass painting, glazing, soldering, cementing, and quality control. As quality is of the utmost importance, rigorous programs have been implemented to guarantee that craftsmanship of the highest caliber goes into each and every project. The Studio has an ongoing lead abatement process, which stresses limiting lead exposure, a clean-air program, employee hygiene and blood lead level testing. We have a sophisticated window storage system, as well as extensive security for fire, theft and vandalism protection.

Our staff of stained glass professionals ranges from stained glass artists to expert site craftsmen. We also have an apprentice program for experienced professionals in other art-related fields who wish to cross-train into stained glass. As a result of this program, we currently have in-house professional capabilities for photography, woodworking, silk screening, and sheet metal.

Stained Glass Resources is fully insured in the areas of liability, care and custody (Bailees), transportation and worker's compensation. Windows and equipment are transported in a specially outfitted site vehicle, which has a custom designed compartment for storage of the windows. It has a low-chassis design, as well as special tires and soft-ride springs for maximum protection of the windows in transit.


Stained Glass Resources, Inc. is one of the largest professional stained glass studios in New England, specializing in state of the art restoration by releading, as well as traditional design and fabrication of new windows. Over the last 40 years, we have completed in excess of 1200 window restorations ranging from single-window to multiple-window projects. Our proven expertise and ability to handle large projects has earned us the opportunity to work at institutions such as Trinity College, Wellesley College, Harvard University, and Yale University as a window restoration contractor and also as a consultant. We are experienced in collaborating with project managers, architects, construction managers and other members of the “project team” from the planning process through completion.


Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania