2024 Annual T-Shirt Contest

This year, we're adding a creative twist to our annual conference with the chance for YOU, OUR MEMBERS to design the SGAA 2024 official t-shirt. Imagine seeing your artwork proudly displayed by fellow members and attendees throughout our conference and for years to come!

Here's how it works: submit your design proposals by May 31, 2024, and our panel of judges will narrow down the designs, then all active members will have a crack at voting for their favorite.

The winning design will become the 2024 annual t-shirt and will be given to all conference attendees and be available for presale leading up to the conference, shipping out at the conference conclusion, and available on the SGAA online store. 

The selected designer will be acknowledged in the SGQ and at the conference, will receive a free t-shirt showcasing their winning artwork, along with a cash prize and a voucher for their annual SGAA membership.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and leave your mark on this year's conference! Get those creative juices flowing and let's make this year's annual SGAA tee a true masterpiece!

Enter here


We are looking for individuals and studios to share their experiences and expertise with our international glass community through demonstrations, lectures, panels, classes, and more!

The SGAA 2024 Conference offers no better place to share your ideas, insights, and observations in creation, preservation, inspiration, technology & innovation. The conference audience, comprising of those committed to creating and maintaining both monumental as well as autonomous glass and mosaic work, will be engaged in the presentations and discussions led by their peers – like you.

Call for Topics Calendar:

  • February 19, 2024: Call for Topics Opens
  • March 10, 2024: Proposal Deadline
  • March 15: Notifications to Applicants
  • April 1: Program Published


2024 Presentation Series

All featured conference presentations will be considered for publication in post‐conference issues of the Stained Glass Quarterly (SGQ).

Presentation Topics we’re focusing on in 2024:

  • Professional Development
    • Scaling up your business
    • Engaging with Emerging Artists
    • Contracts & RFP Best Practices
  • Examples of innovation and technology in the art practice
    • Examples of new developments in conservation technology
    • New studies in the aging of materials used in the industry
    • The use of technology (old or new) in new creation or conservation
    • Standards & Guidelines for Stained and Leaded Glass Windows
    • History of Stained Glass - especially as it pertains to how restoration work is holding up over time.
    • Health & Safety
  • Installation & Scale
    • Connecting with the Community to Find Opportunity 
    • Scaling Up through Community Connections

2024 Presentation Series Proposal Form


2024 Education Series

If you are an experienced instructor who would like to touch the lives of the most enthusiastic mosaicists and glass artists in the world, then we invite you to submit a course proposal for the Education Program.

As part of our education program objectives, we strive to provide courses for our artist members that will advance their understanding and skill set in these specific areas:

  • Professional Development – Broadening the understanding of the Business of Art. Provide professional artists' best practices and tips to transition from non-art related field to an art business;
  • Artistic Development – Increasing an understanding of general art and design concepts; and
  • Technical Development – Strengthening the technical skill of the artist through exploration of materials and tools.

Proposals are being sought for courses offered:

  • Thursday, October 3, 2024
  • Friday, October 4, 2024

Courses should be designed one of the following time formats:

  • 2-hour seminars or demonstrations
  • 4-hour (half-day) workshops or seminars
  • 8-hour (full day) workshops or seminars
  • 16-hour (2-Day) workshops

Workshops classified as “Hands-On” – are described as technical or material centered wherein the participants manipulate materials and create a project or practice a technique.

Seminars or “Demo/Lecture” sessions – are described as informational or discussion-centered wherein the participants will not manipulate materials but participate in a discussion of the topic. This would include demonstration presentations.

2024 Education Series Proposal Form

Do you know an artist, educator, curator, or researcher with an idea for an engaging presentation? Send them this information or send us their contact information.

We look forward to receiving your ideas and proposals!