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Affiliate: An Affiliate is any person desirous of enriching his or her involvement in stained glass. Affiliates are eligible to serve and vote on non-policy making committees and in some cases serve as Committee Chairs. Affiliates are not able to vote on issues brought before a General Membership Meeting or to be elected to office or to display the Seal of the Association in any form. Annual dues are $50

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To find about all levels of membership and affiliation in the Stained Glass Association of America, please visit the complete Membership page by following this link.

Founded in 1903, The Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the stained and leaded glass field. The organization is run by volunteers and a small administrative staff. You may be familiar with our award-winning publication, The Stained Glass Quarterly, which has been published continuously since 1906 and is the oldest stained glass magazine in the world.

Benefits include:

      • All Members and Affiliates enable the continuing work of the Stained Glass Association of America, which includes:
        • Developing and publishing craft manuals such as Painting for Stained Glass, Structure and Reinforcement, SGAA Recommendations for Safety in the Stained Glass Studio, and others.
        • Developing new programs for presentation to architects under the auspices of the AIA’s continuing education program.
        • Attending tradeshows such as Form/Reform, AIA conferences and tradeshows and similar meetings to promote the use of stained glass and the members of the Stained Glass Association of America.
      • Publishing the annual Sourcebook, which is currently mailed to more than 20,000 architects and church committees each year and promotes the use of architectural stained glass and the commissioning of members of the Stained Glass Association of America.
      • Monitoring legislation that impacts the craft and mounting lobbying efforts when needed.
      • Educating end users regarding the needs of their stained glass windows.
      • Holding an annual Summer Conference designed to allow members to network and advance their knowledge of stained glass.
      • And much more…
      • All Members and Affiliates receive a subscription to The Stained Glass Quarterly
      • All Members and Affiliates are listed in Sourcebook, the SGAA’s annual membership directory
      • All members and Affiliates receive the Kaleidoscope newsletter
      • Members and Affiliates receive discounts on all products and services available from the SGAA
      • Members and Affiliates are eligible to attend the annual meetings of the SGAA.
      • Members and Affiliates are able to participate in SGAA networking opportunities
      • Members and Affiliates are able to participate in the SGAA Insurance Program.

The SGAA is continually seeking additional benefits for our members. We are involved with several restoration and religious organizations so we can keep our members updated with pertinent information from these areas so vital to the stained glass trade.

We hope you will seriously consider becoming a member of the SGAA. There are several categories of membership, each one designed to meet the needs of different groups of people united by their desire to enrich their involvement in stained glass. It is through membership that you can help pave the way for the next generation. Please do not hesitate to contact the SGAA Headquarters at (800) 438-9581 or with any questions you may have.