The Stained Glass Association of America is a professional trade association whose membership consists of the finest architectural stained and decorative art glass artists and studios in the United States and around the world.

The SGAA actively works for the betterment of the craft of stained glass and architectural art glass through various programs that are designed to benefit the members of the SGAA and the clients whom we serve.

You will find information in this website about the Stained Glass Association of America and its programs. If you have questions about the SGAA or about architectural stained glass that are not answered on this website, you are welcome to contact the SGAA Headquarters at 1-800-438-9581 or and we will be happy to assist you.

Objectives of the Stained Glass Association of America

  • To function as the recognized organization of distinction and to conduct its affairs in a manner that will reflect credit upon its image and craft;
  • To maintain the highest possible standards for excellence in craftsmanship, integrity, and business practices;
  • To provide facilities offering active membership participation, extensive craft training, organizational and craft-related information, trade-related consulting, and documentary services;
  • To research and develop new products, processes, and techniques for the advancement of innovative craft expression;
  • To act as the authoritative historian and archivist for its craft in America;
  • To defend and protect its craft against unwarranted regulation restricting its freedom of use as an architectural art form.


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Stained Glass Association of America + American Glass Guild
Joint Summer Conference

June 3 - June 5, 2019

Pre-Conference Classes, June 1 & 2, 2019

For the Stained Glass Association of America’s 110th Annual Summer Conference, we are delighted to be celebrating our first ever completely joint summer conference with the American Glass Guild. These two organizations have a long dedication to education, inspiration and preservation across the industry of architectural art glass and a joint forum promises to be an absolute show stopper. Together, we will prove that everything is, in fact, bigger in Texas.

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