2008 Conference: Oakland


The 99th Annual Summer Conference of the
Stained Glass Association of America

PDF Downloads:

Download the Oakland 2008 Summer Conference article from the Fall 2008 issue of The Stained Glass Quarterly by clicking this link.

Download the Oakland Summer Conference Program by clicking this link.

The 2008 Conference focused on the artists who were part of the change in the glass art that began in the ’60s and continues today. Major architectural glass artists were included, continuing the exploration of this art glass form that caught our attention at the Louisville Conference.

Pre-Conference classes were again provided by the Stained Glass School. Dan Fenton taught two workshops at his studio: Kiln Problem Solving and Alternative Glass Painting: Beyond the Tradition. Helmut Schardt, known for his dalle de verre work, taught Dalle de Verre Basic Fabrication and Restoration. Our third class took place at Dorothy Lenehan’s Studio with Daniel Winterich. Lenehan and Winterich are both known for their large architectural installations. They presented Contemporary Architectural Glass: Four Case Studies.

Special events will included the Dorothy Maddy Silent Auction to raise funds for Scholarships and the new Stained Glass School Building Fund, the SGAA Annual Raffle, and a stained glass exhibition. Plus, there was a post-Conference tour to the Napa Valley and Gordon Huether’s Studio.

All about Oakland

Founded in 1852, Oakland, California, has history that goes back much further than its 150 years. Native Americans lived in the region for more than 5,000 years. The Spanish visited the area in the 1770s, and came to settle about 50 years later. Asians, African Americans, and those of Northern European extraction came with the Gold Rush and put down their own roots. Today, Oakland is one of the nation’s most ethnically integrated cities

Oakland’s landscape is a picturesque mix of lovely hillside neighborhoods; exciting and diverse architecture; a bustling waterfront; two shimmering lakes; 19 miles of shoreline along the San Francisco Bay; unparalleled Bay views; and more parks and open space per capita than any other city in the Bay Area. Everyone loves their year round vacation weather with temperatures in the gentle 50s and 60s in the winter and spring, and 70s throughout summer and fall.

Oakland has one of the largest visual and performing arts communities on the West Coast, from acclaimed symphony and ballet to museums, galleries, and small arts organizations. The Old Oakland district includes many of the finest examples of Victorian commercial architecture on the West Coast. Oakland’s population boomed after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and the Broadway Historic District showcases a range of architectural treasures constructed between 1900-1949. Bold new buildings now shine in Oakland’s modern skyline. The Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building has been lauded for its use of space and sense of place.

Oakland’s residents love their city’s charming neighborhoods, which include a mix of well-known areas like Montclair, Rockridge, and Piedmont.

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