Our scholarship funds support artistry, academia and research across the stained glass industry. The available scholarships include funding for:

  • academic research
  • conservation studies
  • emerging and established artists
  • stained glass work for those with disabilities who face inaccessibility

See below for each of the four scholarship programs and for the details to apply for each. If you have any questions about eligibility or the application process, reach out to usPlease note if you received scholarship funding the previous year, you are not eligible this year due to the competitive application process.


Available scholarships:

Albinas Elskus Scholarship provided by the Maldeb Foundation
The Albinas Elskus Scholarship provided by the Maldeb Foundation is designated for an artist who displays the promise for creativity in the stained glass arts especially but not limited to the area of glass painting. The amount awarded will be the decision of the SGS Scholarship Committee up to $1000.

Leslie Hartman Scholarship
Led by her dear friends and fellow stained glass colleagues in Denton, the SGAA has established a memorial scholarship fund in Leslie Hartman's name to recognize the importance of accessibility in stained glass work. We aim to grant access to stained glass art while promoting inclusivity for all.

Dorothy L. Maddy Workshop/Seminar Scholarship
The Dorothy L. Maddy Workshop/Seminar Scholarship consists of the award of tuition fees for hands-on, short-term workshops and classes during our annual conference. Applicants will be awarded up to $600


Scholarships for Conference 2024:

Scholarships can be applied towards the 2024 Conference Sand to Sash: Kansas City general registration and workshops. Please provide as many workshop/class details as possible while filling out your application.  


Apply for 2024 Scholarships