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This year’s Annual Summer Conference — the 104th in the Stained Glass Association of America’s 110-year history — was held in June in Indianapolis, Indiana, and boasted the largest number of attendees since the SGAA’s 100th Anniversary celebration held in 2003. Conference attendees were attracted by the Association’s quality program and by the joint celebration held with Kokomo Opalescent Glass, marking their 125th year in business producing glass for stained, decorative, and architectural art glass in nearby Kokomo, Indiana.

The SGAA Stained Glass School’s long tradition of helping practitioners to advance their craft skills and acquire new skills and techniques was continued this year with three pre-Conference classes. These two-day, hands-on workshops were Painting with Enamels, taught by Sylvia Laks; Airbrushing for Stained Glass, taught by Janet Zambai; and Glass Lamination, taught by Volker Brock. These classes were sponsored by Badger Brush; Bohle America, Inc.; Reusché and Company of T.W.S., Inc.; and Ultra Kiln.

This year’s Conference featured a special stained glass exhibition that featured panels made entirely from Kokomo Opalescent Glass’s glass. The exhibition included some extremely impressive stained glass panels. First place in the judged exhibition went to Judson Portzer of Huntsville, Alabama, for his panel Lady of the Lake. Second place was awarded to Sean Merchant of Jacksonville, Illinois, for 125 Pieces. Third place went to Celita Ulate Sanchez of San Jose, Costa Rica, for her fused panel entitled Seven. The exhibition was sponsored by S.A. Bendheim; DHD Metals; EvenHeat Kiln; Kokomo Opalescent Glass; MAYCO Industries; and Reusché and Co. of T.W.S., Inc.

The first day of the Conference included an overview of lead came production techniques at Johnson Manufacturing; a look at using Glass Eye software in window design, which was presented by Christie Wood; an overview of products, including glues and lamination materials, available from Bohle America; and a brief history of Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company. Following the General Assembly and the First General Business Meeting was a welcome reception sponsored by Blenko Glass Company and a welcome banquet sponsored by Wissmach Glass Company. That evening, Sylvia and Enrique Laks presented a fascinating slide show of some of Sylvia’s major installations.

The Conference hit a bit of a bump the second day when a flooded underground power station caused several downtown buildings to lose electrical service for a few hours. However, Conference attendees carried on in true SGAA style and made the most of the situation. Although the schedule had to be rearranged some to accommodate those presenters who used PowerPoint in their presentations, all scheduled events took place, and power was restored before lunchtime.

Events began with an SGAA Stained Glass School symposium on the current state and direction of the School; then, a restoration forum made up of Christie A. Wood of Art Glass Ensembles, Denton, Texas; Kevin Grabowski, Conrad Schmitt Studios, New Berlin, Wisconsin; and Rolf Achilles, curator of the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Chicago, Illinois; and moderated by Jerome R. Durr, SGAA President, discussed topics in restoration and addressed questions from the audience.

After lunch, Ahihiko Kawamoto presented an overview of his studio’s exhibition Yuukyuu no Kirameki, which was held in Japan’s prestigious Numazu Goyoutei — the Imperial Villa. Later, Conrad Schmitt Studios’ preservationist Eileen Grogan spoke on restoration. The afternoon’s lectures concluded with Dennis Harmon on designing for stained glass and Bob Jones on the work of Maitland and Helen Armstrong. The day’s Lecture Showcase was sponsored by Armour Products and the SGAA Stained Glass School.

The final day of the Conference was packed with activities that began in Kokomo, Indiana, with Kokomo Opalescent Glass in celebration of their 125th Anniversary. It took two tour busses to carry everyone to Kokomo, and a number of people drove their own vehicles, hoping to stock up on Kokomo glass while they were there.

After lunch, which was provided by KOG, the busses left for St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Kokomo, which features Riordan windows made entirely from KOG’s glass.The last stop on the tour was at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church back in Indianapolis. This church includes windows from Fox Studios, Emil Frei, and Minnietta Millard.

The evening’s awards reception and banquet was sponsored by S.A. Bendheim and began with comedian Dave Dugan. Known for his appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, and Fox, Dugan entertains at events across the country. He is a regular contributor on the Bob and Tom Show and has appeared on more than 25 Bob and Tom CDs. However, Dugan says that he is best known for his starring role in the ill-fated after-school special “Bucky the Okay Dog with Just a Little Bit of Rabies.”

INDY 2013 was a resounding success that placed the Stained Glass Association of America in a prime position to move its Annual Summer Conference forward to a whole new level next year, when the Conference will be held at the historic Elms Resort & Spa in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Next Year’s Conference will feature an expanded format that is designed to be primarily an artists’ retreat while also offering workshops and seminars of interest to the more business-minded. Look for more details in this issue of The Stained Glass Quarterly, in future editions of this magazine, and online at www.stainedglass.org.



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