2010 Conference: Kansas City


 KC 2010: A New Way… in a New Day

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SGAA Annual Summer Conference
June 28-30, 2010

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The highlight of this year’s Annual Summer Conference of the Stained Glass Association of America, held in Kansas City, Missouri, was the official announcement by President Jack Whitworth that the SGAA, with the SGAA Stained Glass School, has purchased two-and-a-half acres in Raytown, Missouri, on which the Association will build a permanent headquarters and a state-of-the-art teaching facility. Conference attendees were able to visit this site as part of the Conference and were able to attend the first workshops held there.

The Conference also featured a major stained glass exhibition and competition, which was judged by popular vote and was won by Sylvia Laks, whose winning panel is pictured at the top of the opposite page. Second place was awarded to Judson Portzer, and third place went to Kathy Jordan. Both Sylvia Laks and Judson Portzer donated their winning panels to the SGAA Stained Glass School’s permanent collection, and both panels are currently on display in The Stained Glass Quarterly’s editorial offices, pending the construction of the new facility.

For her first-place panel, Sylvia Laks won an Evenheat Hot Shot Kiln, which she donated to the SGAA Stained Glass School. Additional prizes were provided by DHD Metals; Kokomo Opalescent Glass; Mayco Industries; Reusché & Company of T.W.S., Inc.; Gemini Saw Company, and S.A. Bendheim.

The Conference featured a full day of lectures and seminars. These included “Saving Your Business from Shattering in a Broken Economy,” by Shay Gable, Ph.D. and Carolyn Hines, Ph.D.; “Managing Cash Flow,” by Donald Samick of Lamb Studio; “The Art of Making Glass,” by Cindy Locke of Kokomo Opalescent Glass; “What Architects Expect,” by Mac McKee, architect; “Visual Theology: Art in the Catholic Church,” by Richard Gross, M.T.S.; and “Social Media,” with Ben Martin. The evening concluded with a symposium on lead exposure and the new federal regulations involving work that disturbs lead-based paint.

The Conference concluded with a visit to the land purchased by the Association, where attendees were able to enjoy lunch catered from local restaurants in Raytown and attend the first workshops held at the location where the new SGAA Stained Glass School will be built. That afternoon, Conference attendees toured Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, which features work by Kathy Barnard; Holy Family Mausoleum, which features two separate mausoleum buildings, each with windows from the Conrad Pickel Studios. The tour of area stained glass installations concluded at Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, which is home to an impressive collection of historic stained glass windows.

Keynote speaker Andrew Cary Young spoke at the Awards Banquet on the process of seeing a window as an artist and engaging viewers in a meaningful and profound way. President Jack Whitworth presented a Distinguished Service Award to Melissa Janda, who accepted on behalf of Conrad Schmitt Studios for their work on the SGAA publication SGAA Recommendations for Safety in the Stained Glass Studio.

Finally, as the result of a unanimous vote by the members of the Association in attendance, Fred Poremba was awarded the prestigious SGAA Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive body of work and record of service to the Association.

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