Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Stained (and Leaded) Glass Windows

The experience of many major stained glass studios have gone into the writing of this  SGAA publication. It has been designed to provide educational information to the owners and caretakers of stained glass windows – how stained glass windows are made, how they are maintained and repaired, and how they are restored.

The Biographical Index of Historic American Stained Glass Makers

Compiled by Robert O. Jones, this resource lists stained glass artists in the United States from the Colonial Period through its publication in 2002. A good reference when researching the history of artists and windows.

Art of Painting on Glass by Albinas Elskus

A classic first published in 1980, the book was re-released in 2011. Albinas Elskus explains all elements of painting on glass including mixing colors; choosing and using basic equipment; painting techniques; tracing;  matting; staining, enameling and etching; firing painted glass; and using traditional techniques creatively.

Albinas Elskus Glass Painting DVD

In this short film, stained glass artist Albinas Elskus takes you into his studio to demonstrate his glass-painting techniques. Originally produced by Mr. Elskus in 1978 for use as a teaching aid, the silent 8mm film print has now been digitally remastered and edited to include a narration of his original script and is set to an acoustic guitar soundtrack.

D. Maitland Armstrong: American Stained Glass Master

This work details the life and artistic accomplishments of D. Maitland Armstrong, one of the major American stained glass artists. Along with his daughter and business partner, Helen M. Armstrong, their glass art was considered among America's finest during the Gilded Age and early 20th century.  Extensively illustrated, and researched from private family papers, the book provides a new look at the people, collaborate efforts, and artistic master-works of the American Renaissance.

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