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This beautiful stained glass work is 5 feet in diameter; all one panel.  Each piece of mouth-blown glass is painted and fired to achieve a traditional interpretation of Jesus Knocking at the Door.  Note the subtle shading using the arches above the door to create the Shape of a heart; the door without a pull (symbolizing it can only be opened from within), and Jesus standing between the thorns of life and your heart.  The small butterfly in the upper left is a symbol the presence of the Holy Spirit (which is always with us).

This is a memorial window dedicated to my Mother; who was my most ardent and passionate supporter of my choice to pursue stained glass nearly fifty years ago.

This colorful stained glass panel is one of fifteen panels that provided symbolism and enhancement for the Sanctuary and a Family Life Center.  All of our painting and firing of stained glass is completed in-house; ensuring the client’s satisfaction and our attention to detail.

This stained glass panel is approximately 6 feet wide and 15 feet tall.  It is one of six in a Sanctuary, and includes a seventh panel above double doors.  The theme was the seven “I AMS” from the book of John. The entire series can be seen on our company website.

This stained glass panel is new work; fully designed and fabricated in our Studio.  It is 9 feet in diameter; made of four sections. It was designed with over 1600 pieces of mouth-blown glass with border detail painted and fired into the glass to complement the detail in adjacent stained glass panels.

This large panel is 14 feet wide and 20 feet tall; and the bottom is 16 feet off the floor.  The symbolism includes the Living Water, the Tree of Life, the Holy Spirit, the Crucifixion Cross, the Father (rays), the Vine and Branches,  New Life (the Butterfly) the Path to the Cross, the flames and other symbols chosen. It is new work and was completed in 2018. This window was also designed and completed in house; as are all of our stained glass creations.

This beautiful stained glass window is 8 feet wide and 18 feet tall. It was designed using over 4,000 pieces of mouth-blown glass; and is complemented by 4 other 1 foot wide by 24 foot windows and 12 three foot by eight foot Old and New Testament symbols—each window containing a minimum of 800 pieces.  Additional painting and firing on the glass was completed to enhance the detail of these windows.

This stained glass window is approximately 10 feet wide and 24 feet tall, consisting of 20 separate sections.  It was removed from a Church being demolished; and restored and installed into their new Sanctuary. In addition, there were 16 four feet wide by 12 feet tall windows as well as others.  The entire project had over 100 panels, and they were removed, restored and reinstalled in approximate six months.

This incredibly beautiful Ascension window is over 100 years old; and is 9  sections resulting in a nine-foot diameter window. It was removed from approximately 30 feet up and each of the 1,600 plus pieces were removed, cleaned and replicated if necessary to prepare for the next 100 plus years!  Each piece is hand-painted and kiln-fired. The resulting masterpiece was reinstalled just three weeks before Easter, 2019.

This traditional stained glass window is one of eight that was removed and completely disassembled, cleaned and returned to its former splendor.  We specialize in providing the very best in restoration; with attention to detail in attempting to match old glass and exceed your expectations.

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