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“The Weeping Lady” – 5’ x 12’ - Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - Washington, DC – A Byzantine style mosaic designed by us but fabricated by our associates in Italy using “smalti” (hand-made glass tesserae about the size of a small fingernail!)

“Creation” – 10’ x 10’ - This is the first completed of nine panels that make up one window (there are several windows in this project) currently under production for St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Nassau, Bahamas. Designed by renowned Bahamian artist, Antonius Roberts, we are executing the design in fused glass. It is a unique application of this process – translating an abstract painting into a fused glass window. This is one of the very few designs that have not come from our in-house designers.

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Firmament” – approx. 4’ x 9’ each – Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Punta Gorda, Florida. These five windows are scattered around the nave – this is a composite photo. Executed with flashed glass that has been etched, then leaded. We would describe this as an abstract/architectural style.

“Healing” – approx. 20’ x 9’ – Saint John XXIII – Ft. Myers, Florida. This window depicts some of the healing scenes as described in the Gospel of St. Luke. Stained glass (painted figures), with 4” “Schaffrath” prisms. Normally, we try to obscure the background, but since this chapel will be occupied on a 24hr. basis, clear glass was used for security (an example of contemporary figurative/architectural style).

“The Four Evangelists” – 3’ x 11’8” – St. Andrew’s Chapel – Sanford, Florida. These four (plus St Paul) are located above the choir and painted in a contemporary/figurative style.

“The Eucharist” – St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church – Naples, Florida. Composed mostly of 4” square “Schaffrath” prisms (and others that are 2” x 2”, etc.) along with clear, heavily seeded glass, a beveled glass border, etc. The window is a background for the church’s tabernacle. There is hidden symbolism for those that can find it. An additional bonus, when the interior is lit at night, the window is magnificent from the exterior.

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