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“Where Eagles Fly”

“Where Eagles Fly”

“Sister Moon and the stars, In the heavens you have made them bright, precious and fair.”

Installation inspired by the rising sun as well as honoring the memory and life of our parents and loved ones. Where Eagles Fly is a metaphor for soaring above the trees in joy, freed from earthly constraints.

The symbolism in the panels is subtle with the Trinity represented by the trees & vertical elements. The trio of crosses represent sac-rifice and 13 bevels represent the Stations of the Cross.
Custom frames fit in the existing aluminum windows. Panels can easily be removed for mainte-nance: 4 screws and foam tape in compression hold the frames in place, allow air flow (to reduce condensation), and eliminate any ‘rattle’ from passing traffic.

“Skyline Reflections: Portland”

“Skyline Reflections: Portland”

The imagery of bevels represents the Portland skyline and reflects in the river, while small fused pieces with copper birds (transom) and fish (reflections in the water) are integrated in the composition.
Custom metal stops hold the panels (63x20” and 17x20”) hold the panels in place, while more than 150 linear feet of hidden reinforcement kept this panel intact while being shipped across the country.



Art to commemorate the donors that contributed to the fundraising campaign to replace the roof , restore the organ, and repair the restrooms.

The 6 panels use a photo fusing transfer process to fuse the names and images to the glass. The names create a linear outline that loosely follows the contours of the city skyline. The city is populated with hundreds of historical and current photos of the city, congregation and church. Together they illustrate both the context of the logo and foundation of the church to be “In the city for Good.”

The design is also meant to be fluid. The 6 panels work, but leaves the option for additional panels to be seamlessly added should another fundraising campaign happen.

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