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Accredited Professional Studios & Accredited Professional Designers seal

Accredited Professional Studios & Accredited Professional Designers

All have undergone and extensive, multi-year peer-reviewed application process. A body of their peers, recognized by the field, reviewed their training, knowledge, and experience as well as taking site visits to review current and past installations to determine ongoing integrity.

Professional Studio Members seal

Professional Studio Members

All have undergone a juried, peer-review application process to verify both the quality of their work in conjunction with sound business practices.

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Professional Members
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Gilroy Stained Glass Ltd.

Professional Studio

201-8696 Barnard St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 5G5


Professional Member seal

Sunhound Glassworks Limited

Professional Studio

1457 Thornburn Rd.
Portugal Cove-St. Phillip's, New Foundland A1M 1J6

+1 709-895-5097

Professional Member seal

Traditional Glassworks, Stained Glass & Restoration Studio

Professional Studio

(613) 273-9329

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