Join Us —Become a Sponsor for the 109th Annual SGAA Summer Conference

June 18-20, 2018

New Marketing for our Sponsors!

We will be registering conference attendees through TicketSpice and your logo will be on every receipt!

Join us in the California sunshine as the SGAA creates a new experience for its sponsors and attendees. It is the generosity and support of conference sponsors that will allow the SGAA to create a conference program that has more depth, greater content and a wider variety of tours, lectures, and presentations in 2018.

The Sponsor Showcase has always been a unique opportunity to share your company’s tools, techniques, and processes. This year, the West Coast will include all of your favorite customers but will also open the conference to a fresh new field of clients. Long Beach 2018 is going to be a special, learning-rich environment, designed to encourage opportunities for creating and enhancing life-long client relationships.

Every effort is being made to make our 109th Annual Summer Conference, an exciting and well-attended conference. We look forward to your becoming a 2018 conference sponsor.

Welcome to Long Beach!

SGAA Conference Host

David Judson
The Judson Studios


More information on Sponsorship Opportunities and Forms can be found here: Long Beach 2018 Sponsor Brochure