The Stained Glass School offers three scholarships



  1. The Dorothy L. Maddy Academic Scholarship consists of one award up to $1000 to a student enrolled in a full-time academic program. Recipients may apply for a one-time renewal.
  2. The Dorothy L. Maddy Workshop/Seminar Scholarship consists of the award of tuition fees for hands-on, short term workshops and classes. Applicants will be awarded up to $600. In each scholarship year, tuition fees for classes completed before the application deadline are eligible.
  3. The Albinas Elskus Scholarship provided by the Maldeb Foundation. This scholarship is designated for an artist who displays the promise for creativity in the stained glass arts. Applicants will be awarded $1000 which may be used towards academic tuition or workshops.

Applications can be downloaded in Acrobat (pdf) format by clicking this link. You can also request an application by calling (800) 438-9581 or by e-mailing your request along with your name and mailing address information to

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