World renowned glass painter Albinas Elskus combines centuries-old artistry and contemporary techniques in “The Art of Painting on Glass.” This sixth edition has been completely updated with the most current supplies and suppliers, as well as additional works of the author. This book providesĀ  complete and detailed instruction inĀ the art of stained glass painting by one of the industries most beloved teachers. For any student of this unique art of stained glass, Albinas Elskus’ book is one of the most essential volumes for any stained glass library.

“Painting on Glass,” a film by Albinas Elskus, is also available from the SGAA. It is the perfect companion to “The Art of Painting on Glass.” In this short film, Albinas Elskus takes you into his studio to demonstrate his glass-painting techniques. Originally produced in 1978 for use as a teaching aid, the silent 8mm film print has been digitally remastered onto DVD and edited to include a narration of Mr. Elskus’ original script.


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