Full Weekend Classes

Saturday & Sunday, June 1st & 2nd
9am - 5pm each day

Glass Painting for Replication with Steven Cowan

Introduction to Glass Painting with Hallie Monroe

PHOTO | graphic | GLASS with Gail Stouffer

Saturday Workshops

Saturday, June 1st
9am - 5pm

Restoration 101 with Ralph Mills

Exploring Gilding Techniques by Angel Gilding

Make a Friendship Orb at Caliente Hot Glass
(Afternoon Sessions)

Sunday Workshops

Sunday, June 2nd
9am - 5pm

Drones and Docs: New Perspectives for Gathering Information 

Give it a Blow - Make a Rondel (Morning)

Give it a Blow - Make a Rondel (Afternoon)

2 Day Classes Saturday & Sunday, June 1st & 2nd | 9am - 5pm each day

Glass Painting for Replication with Steven Cowan
Steven Cowan Class Images
Steven Cowan

Saturday & Sunday, June 1st & 2nd, 9am-5pm
Instructor:    Steven Cowan
Location:       Whitworth Studios
Cost:               $515 non-members/$495 members
                                  includes transportation & lunch 

Limit:               6 students
Level:              Intermediate

Description: This class will be aimed at glass artists with painting experience, but without the confidence/specific experience to tackle re-painting work. Students will study numerous styles of stained glass painting, based on the Munich and English studios. The students will be able to choose from head, drapery and canopy examples, which they will be able to study at close hand and learn the techniques needed to replicate the styles. Although this class will be based on replicating old pieces, the techniques discovered will help in the creation of new painted glass works. Includes transportation from hotel to studio, lunch, and all materials.

Instructor Bio: Steven Cowan received a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. But, having always had a love and a flair for stained glass through his father, took on a position assisting his father in the painting department at John Hardman & Co. after just one year in the field of engineering. During eight years at John Hardman & Co. Steven was able to learn all aspects of stained glass and master the, now rare, traditional skills used in creating new windows and preserving and restoring existing windows.

Introduction to Glass Painting with Hallie Monroe
Hallie Monroe Image Strip
Hallie Monroe

Instructor:    Hallie Monroe
Location:       Whitworth Studios
Cost:               $445 non-members/$425 members
                                    includes transportation & lunch 

Limit:               6 students
Level:              Beginning; No Experience Necessary

Description: Take this opportunity to attend this two day class with Stained glass school teacher Ms. Monroe. This class will cover all the basic of learning to paint on glass with Vitreous Paint. Students will have the opportunity to choose from selected art or bring their own to trace the art onto the glass using water and gum Arabic, clove oil, and water-based medium. Hallie Monroe will help you explore the different possibilities with different tools and mediums. All materials will be provided. Students will be able to work on multiple small pieces that will be fired and fit into your carry on case home.

Instructor Bio: Hallie Monroe is a second-generation artist with a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute and has been a professional stained glass artist for more than 30 years. Hallie has an open, enthusiastic approach to teaching which can perhaps be attributed to her own love of exploration and study fueled by intense curiosity. Her education in glass painting has carried her all over the United States and to Europe. Monroe has studied with the masters of this generation - Charlie Lawrence, Peter McGrain, Jim Berberich, Jonathan Cooke, Kathy Jordan, Nick Parrendo, Dick Millard, Ken Leap, and Debora Coombs. She has painted for notable projects such as "Roots of Knowledge” for Tom Holdman, and for renowned studios like Pickel and Willet Hauser Studios.

PHOTO | graphic | GLASS Workshop with Gail Stouffer
Gail Stouffer class images
Gail Stouffer

Saturday & Sunday, June 1st & 2nd, 9am-5pm
Instructor:      Gail Stouffer

Location:         Stouffer Studio 
Cost:                $515 non-members/$495 members
                                                  includes transportation & lunch 

Limit:                 8 students
Level:                Intermediate (Some glass fusing experience is necessary.)

Class description: Want to learn some really cool airbrush techniques? Simple screen printing? How about some new ways to make images with powders? Interested in realistic photo color decals? Today is your lucky day - You'll learn some really slick tricks to create imagery on your glass without your computer; this low-tech class gives you pretty cool high-tech results. Employing personalized photography, pattern, color layering, and stenciling will fuel your originality. This class does not require any computer work! Finally, a class that’s perfect for beginning and experienced glass, clay, and mixed-media students who want to create in a new way. You’ll experience the following:

  • Creating with simple screenprinting techniques
  • Airbrushing color, blending and layering with bright glass enamels
  • Making reusable custom stencils and masks
  • Powder imagery with textures
  • Creating handwritten text on glass
  • ... Plus, you’ll learn the firing schedules that work for every COE of glass!

Instructor Bio: Gail Stouffer has a passion for teaching and has been an instructor at renowned institutions and events all over the county throughout her intense career; her resume includes The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Arowmont School of Art & Craft, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, The Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pheonix Center for the Arts, and The First Arts Academy, Interweave's BeadFest, JOGS Tucson, GlassCraft Expo, Milkweed Arts, SiNaCa Studios, Fusion Headquarters, AAE Glass, Heritage Glass, Western Art Glass, Weisser Glass Studios, and Creative Glass in Zurich and the U.K. She continues to teach workshops in her own studio in San Antonio and all over the country in kiln formed glass and metal-smithing. She is the Director of Educational Content and Co-Owner of KilnFrog.com, an online resource for kiln education, equipment, and supplies, serving the glass, metals, blacksmithing and clay communities. For more about this instructor visit: stoufferstudios.com/


1 Day Workshops - Saturday, June 1st | 9am - 5pm

Restoration 101 with Ralph Mills
Ralph Mills Restoration 101 Class
Ralph Mills

Saturday, June 1st, 9am-5pm
Instructor:    Ralph Mills, Pittsburgh Stained Glass Studio
Location:       Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk
Cost:               $215non-members/$195 members
                                            Cost does not include lunch
Limit:               12 students
Level:               Beginning


Description: So, you’ve been doing this thing called stained glass for some time now and you’re pretty darn good at it. Then along comes “So-in-so” and asks you to re-lead their 100-year-old window. “Ahhhhhhhhh…… sure I can do it” you say. After all, how hard can it be? Truth be told, it’s not that hard if you know how to do it. It is however, a whole different animal compared to new work. No doubt about it, restoration work is more involved and more complicated. Not to worry. Join stained glass veteran Ralph Mills and learn the ABC’s of restoration. Topics include documentation, rubbings, disassembly, cleaning, glass conservation, glazing, cementing, finishing and many more “secrets” of restoration. No need to shy away from those lucrative restoration projects any longer!

Instructor Bio: In his thirty-year involvement in the art and craft of stained glass, Ralph has been in the position to direct and participate in the conservation, preservation, restoration and protection of countless historic stained glass windows from all areas of the country east of the Mississippi river. He is the production manager at Pittsburgh Stained Glass and is currently chairman of the restoration committee of the Stained Glass Association of America.

Introduction to Making and Modifying Mirrors with Angel Gilding

Saturday, June 1st, 9am-5pm
Instructor:    Alexandra Gomez, Angel Gilding
Location:       Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk
Cost:               $190 non-members /$170 members
                                          Cost does not include lunch
Limit:               10 students
Level:               Beginning

(More coming soon...)

Description: Hands on exploration of techniques in creating, antiquing and modifying mirrored glass  

Instructor Bio: Angel Gilding was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to all "Keepers of the Craft" and specialize in a 19th Century technique for chemical or solution gilding on glass. Sign painters called it Angel Gilding to distinguish it from leaf gilding. 



1 Day Workshops - Sunday, June 2nd | 9am - 5pm

Drones and Docs:  New Perspectives for Gathering Information (Restoration)
Jules Mominee of Mominee Studios (Evansville, IN) &
Adam Dusenbury of White Cloud Drones (San Antonio, TX)

Saturday, June 1st, 9am-5pm
Instructor:    Jules Mominee & Adam Dusenbury
Location:       Wyndham Hotel
Cost:               $170 non-members/$150 members  | does not include lunch
Limit:               12 students
Level:               Intermediate - Restoration

Course Description Most stained glass studios know the basics of inspecting a repair job and fleshing out a proposal to do the work. But not all studios have the experience and skill sets to tackle restoration projects that require documentation. This two-part class will help any studio ramp up your ability to deal with projects that are difficult to visually inspect, and with projects that require complete documentation from beginning to end.

Part A:  Soaring to New Heights:  What Types of Information Can Drones Collect for You?  

Drones are famous for collecting and transmitting real-time data for places where a person can’t safely or easily go. But you don’t have to be part of the DOD to take advantage of that technology.  

Adam Dusenbury of White Cloud Drones (San Antonio, TX) will explain and demonstrate how flying drones can to be used in our industry to help with inspecting difficult-to-access sites. He will cover the latest in technology, such as laser measuring, flare-infrared, and mapping. And he will compare the pro’s and con’s of self-owned drone technology vs. the hiring of drone contractors.

Part B:  Documentation is Not a Dirty Word:  The Why’s and How’s for Stained Glass Restoration

Documentation is a lot easier than you think. It’s a requirement for major projects and one that is extremely valuable to both restorer and client.

Jules Mominee of Mominee Studios (Evansville, IN) will take us through the process of providing documentation that complies with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation, for stained glass restoration projects. He will cover the requirements and tools – like photography, Photogrammetry, and archival procedures – for gathering and organizing all the data necessary to create a complete record of a historic stained glass window – enough to be able to accurately replicate it, if need be, and to document precisely what was done.

Mini-Workshops | Half-Day Glassblowing Workshops

Saturday, June 1st - Afternoon & Sunday, June 2nd - Morning & Afternoon

Make a Friendship Orb at Caliente Hot Glass

Saturday Afternoon, June 1st, 1pm-3pm
Instructor:    Caliente Hot Glass
Location:        Caliente Hot Glass
Cost:                $88 non-members/$78 members  | includes transportation
Limit:                4 students
Level:               No Experience Necessary

Course Description: Work with an experienced glassblower from Caliente Hot Glass Studio to create your own footed or hanging glass orb. Transportation provided.

Give it a Blow - Make a Rondel (Morning & Afternoon Session Available)

Sunday Morning, June 2nd, 9:30am-12:30pm
Sunday Afternoon, June 2nd, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Instructor:     Tembo Glassworks
Location:        Tembo Glassworks
Cost:                $155 non-members/$ 145 members | includes transportation
Limit:                3 students per session
Level:               No Experience Necessary

Course Description: Spend the Morning or Afternoon at with an experienced team of glassblowers at  Tembo Glassworks and try your hand at making a small rondel (4"). Transportation provided.