Contribute — Pay it Forward!


Supporting the Future of the Stained Glass Arts
April through September, 2014

Dear Members, Friends, and Supporters of the SGAA:

Before I became President of the Stained Glass Association of America, my husband Fred and I decided that during my tenure we would make a large contribution in the form of a matching grant to raise money for general purposes of the SGAA and, more importantly, to help fund the future growth of the SGAA and the programs it offers.

Having served as President for nine months, I have become even more enthusiastic about this endeavor and am excited to give this financial support because I feel our organization is moving in a very positive direction, thanks to our very active and forward-thinking Board of Directors, its employees, and all of our members.

In the spirit of “Paying It Forward,” Fred and I are offering a matching grant of $30,000. This means that we will match, dollar-for-dollar all donations received (up to $30,000) during the months of April through September, 2014. With the combined support of others, we will actually raise a total of $60,000.

Please join us in creating and funding the SGAA “Pay it Forward” campaign – a campaign designed to “Pay It Forward” to the future Members, Friends, and Supporters of the SGAA, in order that they may enjoy, as we have enjoyed, being a part of this historic and important art and organization.

Susan Shea, President

How You Can Pay it Forward – IT’S SIMPLE

Pay online using one of the PayPal buttons below

Call the SGAA Headquarters (800.438.9581) to donate with
Visa/MC, American Express, or Discover.

Make your check payable to the SGAA and mail to:
SGAA Headquarters
9313 E. 63rd Street
Raytown  MO 64133

Thank you for your support of the Stained Glass Association of America. You financial support makes possible the many programs of the SGAA that are featured on this and other SGAA websites.

I pledge a one-time donation of:










All payments go through PayPal, which offers a variety of secure methods of payment. If you prefer, call the SGAA Headquarters at 800.438-9581 and a form can be mailed to you to return with a check or you may make a donation over the phone with your credit card.