SGAA Accredited Professional Membership

“To maintain the highest possible standards for excellence in craftsmanship, integrity and business practices”
from the official bylaws of the Stained Glass Association of America

From the forming of the first craft guilds in the middle ages, those who practice in a given field have banded together, both for the good of their profession and for the good of their patrons.

There are three (3) classes of Accredited Professional Membership:

  1. ARTIST/DESIGNER: Applicant will be a professional who designs and/or paints glass for leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass.
  2. CRAFT SUPPLIER/MANUFACTURER: Applicant will be an owner, partner, principal, or appointee of a firm that actively distributes and/or manufactures materials and/or products used in the leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass craft.
  3. STUDIO: Applicant will be an owner, partner, principal, or appointee of a business which designs, fabricates, repairs and/or restores leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass.The Professional Member Applicant will be an individual or company which fabricates, repairs, restores, retails, manufactures, and/or distributes products/supplies for the leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass craft.

Access the full application, including benefits and maintenance requirements here: Accredited Professional Membership PDF Application

To be eligible for membership at this level:

  • Have been in business for a minimum of four (4) years.
  • Have been an SGAA Member at the Professional Level for at least (2) years.
  • Meet the IRS definition of professional: 70% of their income must be derived from their work in leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass.
  • Meet specific criteria established by the Membership Committee and provide supportive documentation of compliance.
  • Have a general reputation for integrity, financial responsibility, business practices, and quality of craftsmanship that has been appraised to be such as to reflect credit upon the Association.

A Professional Member in good standing receives The Stained Glass Quarterly, our award-winning magazine, Kaleidoscope, our periodical newsletter, and is also entitled to:

  • A membership certificate;
  • An invitation to attend, and a written report of, General Membership Meetings and Conferences;
  • Access to all Members’ Only information on the SGAA website with personal login (coming soon!)
  • First Access and discounts on SGAA Conferences.
  • A full company listing in the Alphabetical Directory of The Sourcebook and a full company listing on the SGAA Website, through The Sourcebook;
  • The opportunity to place one, ½-page advertisement in The Sourcebook;
  • The right to display the Professional Member Logo (pictured at left);
  • The opportunity to serve on some committees;
  • The opportunity to serve as chairman of some committees;
  • The opportunity to be nominated as a Director of the Association;
  • The right to cast one (1) vote on all elections and business matters brought before the voting membership;
  • Access to all relevant trade information.

Maintenance of Accreditation: Professional Members must show their support of the Association and the craft by:

  • Attending the Annual Summer Conference at least once every three years; or
  • Submitting a display board with images of work completed by them during the three previous years; or
  • Placing a one-half (1/2) page advertisement in The Sourcebook; or
  • Entering an Exhibition for the SGAA Annual Summer Conference when an Exhibition is planned.

The membership term is June 1 through May 31 of each calendar year. 

Founded in 1903, The Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the stained and leaded glass field. The organization is run by volunteers and a small administrative staff.

We hope you will seriously consider becoming a member of the SGAA. There are several categories of membership, each one designed to meet the needs of different groups of people united by their desire to enrich their involvement in stained glass. It is through membership that you can help pave the way for the next generation. Please do not hesitate to contact the SGAA Headquarters at (800) 438-9581 or with any questions you may have.